Airport quality indicators ̶ review

Closed 22 Jul 2022

Opened 27 Jun 2022


The ACCC has the function of monitoring and evaluating the quality of the aspects of airport services and facilities specified in the Airports Regulations 1997.

In response to a recommendation from the Productivity Commission’s 2019 report on the economic regulation of airports, the Australian Government has asked the ACCC to review the indicators, to:

  • more closely reflect the expectations of passengers, airlines and other airport users, and
  • have a greater focus on outcomes.

The government has requested the ACCC to consult with airports, airlines and other airport users before providing this advice.

The ACCC is seeking submissions about the indicators. The consultation paper linked below outlines the role of the ACCC in monitoring airport quality, the current monitoring regime, and the key steps in the ACCC’s consultation process.

We invite interested parties to make comments in their submission on any aspect of the ACCC’s monitoring of airport quality. We also encourage you to consider and answer the relevant questions in the consultation paper.

How to make a submission

Interested parties are encouraged to read the Consultation paper for more information on making a submission.

Alternatively, submissions can be lodged by email to:


  • Industry


  • Airports