Airport quality indicators ̶ review

Closed 22 Jul 2022

Opened 27 Jun 2022


Stage 1 Consultation update

Stage 1 consultation of the Airport Quality Indicators review has now closed. The ACCC will update this website with Stage 2 consultation details as per the timeframes indicated in the Stage 1 Consultation paper published 27 June 2022.

The ACCC has the function of monitoring and evaluating the quality of the aspects of airport services and facilities specified in the Airports Regulations 1997.

In response to a recommendation from the Productivity Commission’s 2019 report on the economic regulation of airports, the Australian Government has asked the ACCC to review the indicators, to:

  • more closely reflect the expectations of passengers, airlines and other airport users, and
  • have a greater focus on outcomes.

The government has requested the ACCC to consult with airports, airlines and other airport users before providing this advice.


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