CDR Active Data Holder Rectification Schedule

Closed 14 Jul 2023

Opened 15 Jun 2023


The ACCC is seeking views from CDR stakeholders on the active data holder rectification schedule, specifically whether and how it can be improved.

Please provide feedback to our survey questions via the link below by close of business Friday, 14 July 2023. The ACCC also welcomes direct engagement with stakeholders on this consultation. If you wish to meet with us, or have questions about the survey, please contact

Why your views matter

The ACCC encourages data holders to self-report implementation gaps. Whether conduct was self-reported is a factor the ACCC (and OAIC) consider in deciding on an appropriate approach to non-compliance. To promote transparency and provide a reference for data recipients and consumers, the ACCC publishes the active data holder rectification schedule which lists self-reported gaps. The ACCC expects data holders to promptly rectify any non-compliance, and self-reporting, and listing an issue on the schedule, does not preclude the ACCC from pursuing compliance or enforcement action in line with the ACCC/OAIC Compliance and Enforcement Policy for the Consumer Data Right.

On 5 April 2023, the ACCC published its findings on data quality in the CDR following a stakeholder consultation. The consultation followed the release of a discussion paper on 28 October 2022, which sought views on data quality issues in the CDR.

The findings paper notes several actions the ACCC is taking to address data quality issues, including further engagement with stakeholders to improve processes. As part of this, the ACCC proposed to consult with stakeholders on the CDR active data holder rectification schedule and potential improvements to increase its effectiveness.

The active data holder rectification schedule lists data holders who are active in the Consumer Data Right Register but have self-reported implementation gaps in their consumer data sharing systems. The schedule includes information about the relevant issues and rectification dates proposed by data holders.


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