Environmental and sustainability guidance

Closed 15 Sep 2023

Opened 14 Jul 2023


The ACCC has released draft principles-based guidance to assist businesses making environmental claims. The guidance sets out steps that businesses can follow. This is to ensure that claims are true, accurate and easy for consumers to understand. The guidance includes examples of good practice, as well as examples which may mislead consumers.

We would like to hear feedback from small business and consumer groups on the guidance. The consultation process will help us assess if the guidance addresses:

  1. common difficulties businesses face when making environmental claims
  2. common issues consumers face in understanding what environmental claims mean.

We have prepared survey questions for the draft guidance. We also welcome written submissions.

The ACCC will be holding in person and online consultation forums. This will help consumer groups and small business take part. Attendance at consultation events will be limited.

Register your interest in the consultation forums by contacting EnforcementCoordination@accc.gov.au


  • All consumers
  • All business


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