Infant Inclined Products and Infant Sleep Products – Consultation Regulation Impact Statement

Closed 11 Sep 2022

Opened 11 Aug 2022

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is seeking submissions on proposed policy options to reduce the risk of death and injury associated with Infant Sleep Products, including Infant Inclined Products.

This Consultation Paper is seeking views on the likely effectiveness and cost of options to address the known risks associated with Infant Sleep Products, including Infant Inclined Products, such as a holistic mandatory safety standard for all Infant Sleep Products. It also includes questions about whether the existing mandatory safety standards for folding cots and household cots should be updated.

This Consultation Paper follows the ACCC’s Issues Paper in July 2021 on Infant Inclined Products. The scope has been expanded beyond incline based on the ACCC’s understanding that design features may pose a risk to infants when sleeping in Infant Sleep Products.

Responses to the questions set out in the Consultation Paper will assist the ACCC in determining a preferred option including possible regulation, having regard to effectiveness and appropriate cost/benefit considerations.

Please visit Product Safety Australia for further information about Infant Inclined Products, including consumer safety guidance and background regarding the ACCC’s work on this issue.

How to make a submission

It is preferred that interested parties respond to the questions set out in the consultation paper using the online form. If you wish to provide additional information via a document, please do so using the consultation hub file upload function.

Alternatively, submissions can be lodged by post or email to:

Infant Inclined Products Market Review
Consumer Product Safety Division
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
GPO Box 3131 Canberra ACT 2601


Please include your name, organisation and contact details when making a submission.

Submissions are due by 11.59 pm, 11 September 2022.

All submissions will be treated as public documents and published on the ACCC website,, in accordance with the ACCC’s Information Policy, unless otherwise requested.

Any parties wishing to submit commercial-in-confidence material should clearly mark it so and submit both a public version and commercial-in-confidence version of their submission, with reasons explaining why it is confidential. More information about the ACCC’s treatment of confidential information can be found in the ACCC’s Information Policy.


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