Consumer product safety - mandatory reporting - industry survey

Closed 10 Mar 2024

Opened 12 Feb 2024


This survey aims to gather information from suppliers about their understanding of, and compliance with, the mandatory reporting requirements in the Australian Consumer Law. The information obtained in this survey is anonymous (however you have the option to provide contact details) and will inform the ACCC of ways to improve mandatory reporting, which is an important source of intelligence that helps the ACCC to identify and address product safety risks.

Mandatory reporting requirements

All participants in the supply chain for consumer goods and product related services are required to comply with mandatory reporting obligations.

Suppliers must report any death, serious injury or serious illness associated with a consumer good or product related service that they have supplied within 2 days to the ACCC.

You are a supplier if you are:

  • a retailer, dealer, contractor, distributor, installer, repairer, importer, manufacturer and/or exporter of a consumer product, or
  • in the business or importing, manufacturing, selling, leasing, exchanging, hiring, repairing, installing, or making available for hire-purchase any consumer good.

Consumer goods are goods that are intended to be used, or are of a kind likely to be used, for personal, domestic or household use or consumption.

Product related services include services relating to consumer goods of a particular kind and to the installation, maintenance, repair or cleaning, assembly, delivery, and supply of consumer goods.

If you are responding to this survey on behalf of a supplier/s (e.g. you are an industry association representative, lawyer etc), please answer the questions from the perspective of that supplier/s.

If you have further information on mandatory reporting please contact

More information about mandatory reporting is available on the Product Safety Australia website at: Mandatory reporting


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