National Anti-Scams Centre survey

Closed 6 Jan 2023

Opened 7 Dec 2022


In October of this year, the Federal Government announced the allocation of seed funding to the ACCC for the establishment of a National Anti-Scams Centre (NASC).

The ACCC will be consulting and engaging with key stakeholders in a variety of ways, including this survey.

The purpose of consulting and engaging at this point, is to seek input from key stakeholders on what the NASC could potentially look like, including its functions and it’s role. We are also keen to understand how the NASC can facilitate real time collaboration and co-ordination with stakeholders who have existing responsibilities for anti-scam work, as well as models and governance frameworks and other related issues.

This survey is not the only consultation on the NASC, and we will continue to engage with stakeholders in due course.

We strongly encourage stakeholders who work to combat scams to contribute to this survey as contributions will help shape this new anti-scams centre.


  • Consumer groups
  • Government
  • Small business
  • Media
  • Competition agencies


  • Scam education