Supermarkets inquiry consumer survey

Closed 2 Apr 2024

Opened 29 Feb 2024


The ACCC is examining the pricing practices of the supermarkets and the relationship between wholesale, including farmgate and retail prices.

As part of the inquiry, we conducted a survey to hear from consumers about how they choose where to buy your groceries, and which products they buy. We also heard about any particular concerns that have arisen for consumers in relation to supermarkets.

This survey was anonymous. Responses will be grouped together and will help inform our understanding of competition between the supermarkets, including other grocery retailers, and how people choose where to purchase their groceries and why.

How the ACCC may use the information provided in this survey

The security and protection of your information is a priority for the ACCC.

The ACCC may use or disclose information you provide in this survey, including in ACCC publications examining the groceries sector.


  • All consumers


  • Consumer issues
  • Small business issues