Energy Made Easy retailer feedback survey

Closed 29 Jan 2016

Opened 20 Jan 2016


Dear Colleagues and EME users,

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) redeveloped its Energy Made Easy (EME) website during 2014-15, with it launching publicly on 25 June 2015. The redevelopment project aimed to improve the performance and functionality of the website, as well as improve the consumer experience when using the website. This project, EME Phase II, was primarily to enable the website to accommodate a greater volume of offers, including more complex time of use offers. Throughout the later part of the project we were able to redesign the website to deliver a more efficient and streamlined way for retailers to manage their offers, including through a number of new bulk operations as well as enabling the uploading of offers into the site in bulk through XML and CSV files (rather than using the previous online form to individually enter offer details).

The Phase II website redevelopment engaged energy retailers and other stakeholders during its design and test stages. Since the June launch, there has been a number of subsequent updates to release bug fixes and minor enhancements. We are currently finalising another release to deliver, by 1 February, the changes to Energy Price Fact Sheets as a result of the revised Retail Pricing Information Guidelines.

We have prepared a short online survey to seek feedback from energy retailers on the value of the improvements to the new website and on the effectiveness of AER communication throughout the project. We are also seeking feedback to capture any opportunities for further improvements to the website in the future.

The survey should take around five minutes to complete and we would really appreciate your input.

Thank you for providing us with this valuable feedback.

What happens next

This consultation has closed. We are collating the feedback provided by retailers and will correspond with individual retailers if required. If you wish to provide any feedback or contact us regarding this consultation, please send your questions or feedback to Judy Li (


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