Communications sector market study – Draft report

Closed 8 Dec 2017

Opened 30 Oct 2017


In October 2017 the ACCC released its draft report for the communications sector market study. We invite interested parties to make a submission in response to the draft report findings and proposed recommendations and actions.

Download the draft report at Communications sector market study, or under ‘Related documents’ on this page.


To facilitate an informed and open consultation, we will treat all submissions as public and publish them on our website.

Any parties wishing to submit commercial-in-confidence material should clearly mark it so, and submit both a public version and commercial-in-confidence version of their submission, with reasons explaining why it is confidential. More information about the ACCC’s treatment of confidential information can be found in the ACCC’s Information Policy, and the corresponding webpage of this consultation hub, entitled ‘Confidential submission’.

We prefer submissions to be provided via the link below, but alternatively, submissions can be emailed to noting the confidentiality requirements above.


  • Industry
  • Consumer groups


  • Consumer issues
  • Competition issues