Copyright Guidelines 2018 - consultation

Closed 20 Nov 2018

Opened 23 Oct 2018


The ACCC is seeking comments and submissions from interested stakeholders on the draft ACCC Guidelines to assist the Copyright Tribunal in the determination of copyright remuneration (Copyright Guidelines).

The ACCC has a role under the Copyright Act 1968 (Copyright Act).

In proceedings concerning voluntary licences and licence schemes, the Copyright Tribunal of Australia must, if requested by a party to the proceedings, consider relevant guidelines (if any) made by the ACCC, per section 157A of the Copyright Act. The ACCC may also seek to become a party to such proceedings (section 157B).

The ACCC notes that there are a variety of revenue sources available to copyright owners and content creators, and that these Copyright Guidelines only relate to the revenue that is available from collecting societies in the provision of blanket licences.

The ACCC considers that it is now an opportune time to release the draft Copyright Guidelines for consultation and move towards issuing final guidelines.

More information is available in the Copyright Guidelines attached below.


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