Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) survey

Closed 21 Dec 2017

Opened 12 Dec 2017


The ACCC recently published its communications sector market study draft report.

In it, we discussed the role of MVNOs in contributing to competition in Australia’s mobile sector and the role of wholesale MVNO services.. Wholesale MVNO products are supplied in a relatively mature market, with approximately 60 service providers acquiring these services, and that there is an absence of significant complaints. However, some concerns have been raised in relation to limitations that affect the ability to provide differentiated downstream services using wholesale MVNO services.

We do not have clear evidence about whether, and the extent to which, these limitations are restricting competition in the supply of downstream mobile and machine to machine services. We are also seeking to better understand the strengths and enablers of the MVNO market. We have therefore developed this survey to better understand this market and its competition dynamics to inform the market study’s final report.

The ACCC recognises that some of the information being sought is confidential and commercially sensitive. The ACCC is committed to treating confidential information responsibly and in accordance with the law. The information you provide via the questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential (the consultation hub via which the information is being collected is a secure portal) and only used publicly in aggregate and de-identified form.


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