Proposed variations to Telstra's Migration Plan

Closed 16 Oct 2018

Opened 18 Sep 2018


The ACCC is seeking feedback from interested parties on Telstra’s proposed variations to the Migration Plan.

On 10 September 2018, Telstra submitted proposed variations to the Migration Plan to the ACCC incorporating:

  • amendments to Telstra’s obligations relating to HFC Services together with a number of other proposed changes to the Migration Plan relating to fire alarm and lift phone services and In-Train Order (ITO) arrangements, which Telstra has previously received regulatory forbearance from the ACCC
  • changes to migration arrangements for Special Services and Special Services Inputs (i.e. business services) that delay the commencement of any disconnection activity until at least 29 January and provide an ITO process to users that have placed an NBN order.

Telstra’s submission in support of its proposed variations and a clean and marked-up copy of the variations to the Migration Plan are attached below.


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  • All interests