Digital Platforms Inquiry - Consumer questionnaire

Closed 3 Apr 2018

Opened 26 Feb 2018


The Digital Platforms Inquiry looks at how digital platforms impact media and advertising services markets, particularly in relation to news and journalistic content, as well as the implications for media content creators, advertisers and consumers.

The digital platforms we'll look at include search engines (e.g. Google or Bing), social media (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) and content aggregators (e.g. Google News, News apps or Reddit).  

We're interested in your experiences and views in accessing news in Australia including through digital platforms. 

How to participate

Please complete our online questionnaire. You don't have to answer all questions.

This inquiry is a public process, so all responses will be published as submissions to the inquiry. You have the option to complete the questionnaire anonymously. More information about the confidentiality arrangements for the inquiry can be found in the Issues Paper. 

Responses to the questionnaire are due by 5pm 3 April 2018.


  • All consumers


  • Media