CTS participant screening questionnaire

Closed 14 May 2020

Opened 8 May 2020


The ACCC is building a Conformance Test Suite (CTS) that will be a key part of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) onboarding process.

The goal of the CTS is to give the ACCC confidence that participants can enter the CDR ecosystem without disruption and are capable of conforming with the Consumer Data Standards and CDR Register Design.

Industry volunteers needed

The ACCC CTS Development Team seeks to work with industry to design and maintain the CTS on an ongoing basis to optimise the ability of the CTS to meet the needs of the ACCC and industry for CDR onboarding.

We expect volunteers will assist with technical testing and research initiatives. The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify industry volunteers willing and able to help the ACCC to test and improve the CTS, now and in the future.

About the engagement

The CTS Development Team anticipates multiple phases of industry engagement.

The first phase will commence in mid-May and will involve a small group of prospective data recipients testing the CTS prototype. Future phases will focus on design and testing of data holder functionality as well as on-going refinement of the CTS.

For the first phase, the CTS Development Team will select volunteers based on the current capability of their CDR software products and their availability to participate over the coming months.

Volunteers need not have business cases that comply with the current Consumer Data Right Rules. For instance, entities that do not wish to be accredited as data recipients but want to collect CDR data on behalf of one or more accredited data recipients may volunteer notwithstanding that this is not currently permitted under the Rules. If you wish to be involved, please complete the survey as an Accredited Data Recipient.

An authorised member of your organisation may be required to execute a non-disclosure agreement.

The selection of volunteers to participate in the CTS testing will be based on:

  • responses to the questionnaire
  • the extent of coverage your software product provides
  • capacity to contribute time to the CTS development team
  • availability to assist the CTS development team in our initial round of engagement between
    • 18 May 2020 and 29 May 2020 for Accredited Data Recipients
    • 10 June 2020 and 26 June 2020 for Data Holders.

Please note: our focus in inviting potential participants to volunteer to conduct CTS testing is to ensure CDR readiness for all entities and consumers. To best ensure these outcomes, the ACCC reserves the right to select which entities can take part in CTS testing.

Technical requirements

To be involved, a participant’s software product must be able to:

  • call the CDR Register
  • facilitate Dynamic Client Registration
  • facilitate Consent and Authorisations
  • facilitate Calls to Banking APIs
  • facilitate Withdrawal of Consent and Authorisations.

An open and transparent process

The ACCC intends that CTS development will be open and transparent and does not intend that volunteering entities will enjoy particular benefits or any form of competitive advantage.

At this stage, the ACCC is interested to hear from entities who are well advanced in their preparations for CDR but expects there may be further opportunities for volunteering in the future.

We will maintain an engagement backlog of volunteers that will be used to identify candidates for future engagement and research initiatives.

The ACCC will periodically update all volunteers on the engagement findings and design assumptions and decisions.

What is not involved

Assisting the ACCC with CTS design and development will not take the place of formal conformance testing and will not guarantee your organisation entry into the CDR ecosystem. Your software products will still have to follow the proper process to be made active on the CDR register.

The CTS Development Team will only be looking at how your software product interacts within the CTS environment. We will not collect or store any information relating to the actual service your software product will provide to consumers. Your information will be de-identified. Any findings that are shared will be consolidated results.

The ACCC is not providing an assisted software development service to volunteers.


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