Consumer Data Right - Energy rules framework consultation

Closed 28 Aug 2020

Opened 8 Jul 2020


The Competition and Consumer (Consumer Data Right) Rules 2020 (rules) will need to be adapted to accommodate the energy sector.

We seek stakeholder views on the preliminary positions we have taken in this rules framework, to inform our development of rules for applying the Consumer Data Right to energy. Stakeholders should respond to this consultation using the current Consumer Data Right rules as a starting point.

Draft amendments to the Consumer Data Right rules for the energy sector will be developed following consultation on this rules framework. The ACCC expects to consult on draft rules in the second half of 2020.

How to make a submission

We invite written submissions on the energy rules framework by 5 pm Friday 28 August 2020. Please upload your submission using the link below.

We particularly seek comment on the consultation questions posed in our energy rules framework consultation paper. However, you do not need to respond to each individual question and may decide to raise additional issues.

Queries may be directed to with the subject line ‘Energy rules framework’.

We encourage stakeholders to stay informed about this consultation process, including details of an energy rules framework webinar, and broader CDR developments by subscribing to updates via the ACCC website.

Publishing of submissions

All submissions will be treated as public documents and published on the ACCC website unless otherwise requested.

A commercial-in-confidence submission should be clearly marked and include reasons why it is confidential. It should be submitted along with a public version.

More information about the ACCC’s treatment of confidential information can be found in the ACCC Information Policy.


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