Australia Post’s proposal to increase prices

Closed 10 Feb 2014

Opened 31 Jan 2014


On 31 January 2014, Australia Post provided the ACCC with a plan to increase the basic postage rate (BPR) from 60 cents to 70 cents as well as price increases for other large ordinary letter services from 31 March 2014. For consumers with an Australian Government concession card, Australia Post plans to freeze the price of a basic stamp at 60 cents until 2017.

The ACCC’s role is to assess Australia Post's proposed price increases, taking into account how efficient Australia Post is in managing its costs and whether the forecast declines in mail volumes are reasonable.  In reaching its view the ACCC considers information provided by Australia Post, and views of industry stakeholders and consumers.

The ACCC prefers that all submissions are publicly available. Submissions will be treated as public documents and will be posted on the ACCC’s website unless prior arrangements are made with the ACCC to treat a submission, or portions of a submission, as confidential.


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