Expression of Interest – potential data recipients for CDR testing and accreditation

Closed 6 Sep 2019

Opened 21 Aug 2019


The ACCC is inviting expressions of interest from parties interested in becoming accredited data recipients in the Consumer Data Right (CDR) eco-system from February 2020.

Testing and assurance is necessary to ensure the end-to-end integrity of the CDR eco-system. This invitation for expressions of interest seeks to understand potential data recipients’ readiness to participate in the industry testing, which is a pre-requisite to inclusion in the initial tranche of data recipients from February.

The testing is designed to be a tightly choreographed sequence of steps which will test the interoperability between the CDR Register, data holders, data recipients and consumers, testing the key variables possible in the overall CDR eco-system.

We anticipate that those selected for testing will go on to be accredited by February 2020. However, participation in testing will not guarantee accreditation.


To be eligible for participation in the CDR testing, interested parties must:

  • be advanced in development of their IT platform and processes for CDR, with the ability to start testing in October 2019
  • be able to comply with the obligations of an accredited person as set out in Part 5 of the Exposure Draft of the Rules
  • intend to apply for accreditation and participate in the CDR eco-system from commencement in February 2020
  • have a use case for CDR with the data in scope for February 2020
  • have the resources and test environment(s) to support the test effort.

If you consider you meet the conditions above, we encourage you to complete the survey via the link below. Your responses to the survey will be used to assess whether you are eligible to participate in the CDR testing and will be used to decide who we select as test participants.

The selection of participants will be at our discretion, taking into account the selection criteria and factors such as the spread of test participants, having regard to size, use case, intended service offering, and value proposition to consumers. 


The information you provide will be treated as Commercial in Confidence.  Please note that some of the information you provide in your response to the survey may constitute ‘Personal Information’. For more information please refer to our privacy statement.


  • All consumers
  • All business


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