Options to limit consumer exposure to hazardous azo dyes

Closed 22 Apr 2015

Opened 24 Feb 2015


Please note: The ACCC has received a number of requests to extend the end date of consultation. The date has been extended to Wednesday 22 April to account for these requests, however stakeholders are encouraged to make submissions as soon as possible.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has prepared a draft regulation impact statement (RIS) to consider the options to limit consumer exposure to hazardous azo dyes in clothing, textiles and leather articles. Some azo dyes can break down and release potentially carcinogenic aromatic amines.

Why your views matter

Stakeholder consultation provides an opportunity to shape government policy decisions. All stakeholders – including consumers, medical professionals, advocates, industry associations, importers, wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers are invited to make submissions on any issue canvassed in this draft RIS.

The ACCC also seeks additional information to consider the benefits and costs associated with the options outlined below, and has posed specific questions in this draft RIS for that purpose.


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