Products that use or contain button or coin cell batteries

Closed 14 Nov 2014

Opened 13 Oct 2014


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is seeking information from industry on products that use button and coin batteries, their compartment security and the warnings currently on products to inform the non-regulatory strategies proposed for reducing the hazard. 

Suppliers are invited to complete the survey comprised of 12 questions by close of business 14 November 2014.

It is estimated the survey will require no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

Note: Products such as toys for children under three years of age, products covered by electrical safety regulations, hearing aids and medical devices already have mandatory requirements for battery compartment safety and are therefore excluded from this questionnaire. If you supply these types of products, you may wish to review your compliance systems and ensure that they meet the requirements. Goods which do not comply with mandatory requirements can be subject to enforcement action by the appropriate enforcement agency and may also be subject to recall.

Why your views matter

In Australia, an estimated five children per week present to an emergency department with an injury related to button and coin cell batteries. Children under five years old represent the greatest risk group. In July 2013 a 4-year-old Queensland girl (Summer Steer) swallowed a button battery which tragically resulted in her death. This is the only known fatality in Australia. However, serious and permanent injuries occur regularly, as the symptoms of battery ingestions may mimic other conditions and without X-rays may be dfifficult to diagnose in time.


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