International standards consultation

Closed 7 Jun 2016

Opened 9 May 2016


We’re seeking comment on a proposed list of international standards associations to include in a regulation related to product safety standards.

Comments from stakeholders will inform ACCC advice to the Minister who will then decide on the list.

Using trusted international standards for product safety regulation can be better for Australian consumers and for the Australian market. It can make it easier for global suppliers to comply with Australian safety requirements and reduce barriers to trade.

Any regulation will be registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments. From that time it will be possible to include a standard made by associations on the list as an option in public consultations concerning specific mandatory standards.

This process will not be automatic.  All mandatory standards will continue to require public consultation on available options which will be used to inform ACCC advice prior to Ministerial decision.

Submissions for this consultation closed on Tuesday 7 June 2016.

Why your views matter

The ACCC is seeking the opinion of interested individuals and organisations to ensure the list of standards making associations and the criteria for selection are appropriate.


  • All business


  • Product Safety