Review of the Consumer Product Safety Standard for child restraints in motor vehicles

Closed 18 Jul 2014

Opened 24 Jun 2014


This consultation is intended to confer with stakeholders on a proposal to alter the mechanism by which the Australian government ensures that child restraints supplied in Australia for use in motor vehicles do not pose a risk of injury to a child travelling in a motor vehicle as a passenger and are legally able to be used, ie. are fit for purpose.

 Relevant information and views from interested parties are being sought to assist in assessing the proposal to alter the way in which the provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the CCA) are used to meet the government’s objectives relating to the safety and usefulness of child restraints.

The current method is through use of a mandatory product safety standard (the safety standard).  The safety standard references several versions of AS/NZS1754 with some variations.  It is proposed that in future the general provisions of the CCA be used to support AS/NZS 1754 and the existing regulations of the State and Territory road authorities.

Of particular interest to the ACCC is any factual information, which will assist in assessing the potential impacts and benefits of the proposal.

Why your views matter

The ACCC conducts analysis of potential safety risks posed by some consumer products, develops management options through consultation and makes recommendations to the Commonwealth Minister.

In line with usual practice the ACCC released a Consultation Paper to facilitate the review of the safety standard for child restraint systems for use in a motor vehicle in November 2013 to seek public comment on proposed changes to the mandatory product safety standard. The paper can be viewed at

The 2013 consultation raised issues about the best way to support the safety of child restraints which resulted in the development of a specific proposal. That proposal is the  subject of this consultation.


What happens next

Responses from this consultation process will be used to prepare advice for the Commonwealth Minister for Small Business for his decision.


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