Survey: Quad bike safety video ideas

Closed 20 Feb 2014

Opened 11 Feb 2014


Quad bike

Who can participate in this survey?

This survey is for Australians who:

  • have used a quad bike for fun/recreation and are aged over 18 years, and/or
  • have children/young teens (under 18 years old) who have used a quad bike. 


What’s in this survey?

You will be asked about two different ideas for a short video on quad bike safety. Your answers will help us determine which idea is better.

You will be shown pictures of some proposed video scenes for each idea, with a few questions on each video. Please be honest and constructive in your responses – and if you have ideas for other videos or ways to promote quad bike safety, please let us know in the comments field at the end of the survey.

At the start of the survey you’ll need to answer some questions about yourself and your experience with quad bikes. Please note that the questions are not intended to identify you – all your responses will remain anonymous and confidential.


Why your views matter

Already this year, three Australians have died while using a quad bike or ‘four wheeler’. In 2013, 21 Australians died and in 2012 it was 19.

Almost half of all deaths between 2011 and 2013 were of recreational quad bike users—people who were using a four wheeler for fun (rather than for work).

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is launching a national campaign to raise awareness about how to use quad bikes more safely. Part of this will be a short YouTube video – and we need your help to make the video as effective as possible.


  • All consumers


  • Product Safety