2022 Broadband speed claims guidance consultation

Closed 25 Feb 2022

Opened 28 Jan 2022


Developments in the way Retail Service Providers display upload speeds and consumers’ interest in upload speeds information has prompted the ACCC to consider updating the Broadband Speeds Claims - Industry Guidance (‘Guidance’). The growth of fixed wireless services on alternative fixed wireless networks also reinforces the need to promote transparency about the factors that may affect speeds on all fixed wireless access networks.

The ACCC is seeking views on a number of issues relating to presenting information to consumers about upload speeds and factors affecting speeds received on alternative wireless access networks. The consultation paper below outlines recent changes in the market and invites submissions on a range of questions.

The ACCC released the Guidance in August 2017 to outline good practices for RSPs to adopt in presenting the speeds of their broadband plans. The ACCC has committed to reviewing the Guidance periodically and published updated Guidance in 2019 and 2020 in response to changes in the market.

How to make a submission

Interested parties are encouraged to upload submissions using the link below. Please refer to the consultation paper below for the consultation questions.

Alternatively, submissions can be lodged by email to: CommunicationsComplianceSection@accc.gov.au


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