Combined superfast broadband access service & local bitstream access service final access determination inquiry

Closed 17 Feb 2017

Opened 6 Jan 2017


The ACCC is undertaking a combined public inquiry to make a final access determination (FAD) for the superfast broadband access service (SBAS) and the local bitstream access service (LBAS).

The SBAS and LBAS are wholesale services supplied on non-NBN networks able to be used by access seekers to supply downstream superfast broadband retail markets. Both services are Layer 2 bitstream fixed line services capable of a transmission rate of 25 Mbps or more.

Under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, the ACCC must consider making access determinations for all declared services.

The ACCC has issued a draft decision that sets price and non price terms and conditions for access for the LBAS and SBAS, including:

  • benchmarking the entry level (residential grade) product to NBN prices, for non-Telstra networks, as they change over time
  • benchmarking the entry level Telstra Fibre Access Broadband service to updated estimates for the wholesale ADSL service 
  • exempting providers of LBAS and SBAS who supply 12,000 or less end-users from all standard access obligations
  • taking account of the Government’s propose industry levy on superfast local access lines, to help fund NBN Co’s supply of non-commercial services.

Submissions are due by Friday 17 February 2017.

How to make a submission

We would like to hear from all interested stakeholders, including individual consumers, businesses, industry and relevant representative bodies about their views on the issues outlined in the draft decision.

The ACCC prefers to receive electronic copies of submissions, either in PDF or Microsoft Word format allowing for the submission text to be searched. Please forward submissions and enquiries to and cc:


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  • Consumer groups


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