Investment Scam Fusion Cell survey

Closed 24 Jul 2023

Opened 14 Jul 2023


Anti-Scam Centre first fusion cell

The National Anti-Scam Centre (NASC) will coordinate the inaugural investment scam fusion cell to combat the growing problem of investment scams which cost Australians more than $1 billion a year.

What is a fusion cell?

Fusion cells are time-limited taskforces designed to bring together expertise from government and the private sector to take timely action to address specific, urgent problems in the scams ecosystem.

About the survey

The purpose of this survey is to seek contributions from stakeholders who work to combat investment scams to help shape the focus of the first fusion cell.

We strongly encourage stakeholders who work to combat scams to complete this survey.

We will analyse the information and responses provided and publicly report a summary of the suggestions without attributing responses to individuals or organisations.


  • All consumers
  • All business


  • Consumer issues
  • Scam education