Murray-Darling Basin water markets inquiry - interim report

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Closes 30 Oct 2020

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Do you use Murray-Darling Basin water markets for trading water rights or water market products?
Which trading zone(s) do you own or trade water in?
Which of these options best describes your role or interest in the water market?
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Broadly speaking, the Inquiry is a public process and written feedback will be posted on the ACCC website. However, the ACCC can accept a claim of confidentiality from a submission provider if the disclosure of their information would damage their competitive position.

If you’re making a confidentiality claim over one or more documents in your submission, please specify which documents are subject to the confidentiality claim and explain how disclosure of those documents would damage your competitive position below. If you do not make a confidentiality claim, your submission will be published on the ACCC website.

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Please make sure your file is under 25MB