Purchasers of agricultural machinery survey

Closed 22 Apr 2020

Opened 28 Feb 2020


The ACCC is consulting with stakeholders about their experiences in relation to purchasing, servicing and repairing agricultural machinery.

This survey is open to people who have purchased agricultural machinery in Australia in the last ten years. Other parties with an interest in agricultural machinery are invited to provide a submission to our discussion paper.

The ACCC is seeking to better understand:

  • options available to farmers in the event of problems with machinery, including accessing parts, diagnostic tools and software
  • whether warranty terms and agreements between manufacturers and dealers may limit access to servicing and repairs
  • competition concerns stemming from the policies of machinery manufacturers regarding data collection and ownership.

The survey has six parts, and may take up to 30 minutes to complete. Not all parts of the survey will be relevant to every respondent, so the survey may take you more or less than 30 minutes.

The results may be used to inform future ACCC action within the industry. Your survey response will be treated as confidential and will not be attributed to you publicly.

Please note that in order for the ACCC to make use of your responses, you must submit the survey in its entirety on the final page. You may save your progress and return later if you require.

This survey has not been optimised for mobile devices.


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