2018 Broadband speed claims guidance consultation

Closed 19 Dec 2018

Opened 21 Nov 2018


The ACCC has published its Report on effectiveness of broadband speed claims guidance and consultation on further enhancement (attached below) which assesses the effectiveness of its Broadband Speed Claims - industry guidance and seeks input on updating it.

The ACCC released the guidance in August 2017 to outline good practices for retail service providers (RSPs) to adopt in presenting the speeds of their broadband plans. At that time, the ACCC committed to reviewing the guidance and reporting on its effectiveness.

Section 3 of the report outlines market developments and proposed enhancements to the guidance and contains questions for consultation.

Annexure A of the report contains a number of proposed enhancements to reflect developments contained in Section 3, including extending aspects of the guidance to services provided over fixed wireless networks.

You can make a submission by uploading a written document or by completing the questionnaire using the link below.


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