Open Consultations

  • Global Payments' proposed acquisition of School Bytes - stakeholder survey

    The ACCC is seeking your views on the proposed acquisition of School Bytes Learning Pty Ltd (School Bytes) by Global Payments Australia 1 Pty Ltd (Global Payments) (the Proposed Acquisition). Global Payments is a payments technology company and its subsidiary Sentral Pty Ltd (Sentral) supplies school administration software in Australia. School Bytes supplies school administration software in NSW. The legal test which the ACCC applies in considering the proposed acquisition is in... More
    Closes 8 March 2024
  • Consumer product safety - mandatory reporting - industry survey

    This survey aims to gather information from suppliers about their understanding of, and compliance with, the mandatory reporting requirements in the Australian Consumer Law. The information obtained in this survey is anonymous (however you have the option to provide contact details) and will inform the ACCC of ways to improve mandatory reporting, which is an important source of intelligence that helps the ACCC to identify and address product safety risks. Mandatory reporting requirements... More
    Closes 10 March 2024
  • Developing a toolkit to help consumer-facing energy businesses identify vulnerability

    The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is developing a toolkit to help consumer-facing energy businesses identify and engage with consumers experiencing vulnerability. The toolkit aims to share insights that consumer-facing energy businesses (including energy retailers) can adapt to their specific context. It does not set mandatory obligations for energy businesses. Based on research and stakeholder consultation, the draft toolkit identifies 6 better practice principles for... More
    Closes 17 March 2024
  • CDR participant guidance survey

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) wants to better understand the guidance needs of Consumer Data Right (CDR) stakeholders. This survey is for businesses and individuals who are holders or receivers of CDR data, or who provide services to these parties. For example, this includes data holders, accredited persons, CDR representatives and third-party service providers. In late 2022, the ACCC conducted a survey to understand stakeholders' views on CDR guidance at that... More
    Closes 25 March 2024
  • Qantas - Flight cancellation survey

    On 31 August 2023, the ACCC commenced proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia alleging that between May and July 2022, Qantas cancelled a large number of flights and: offered for sale, and accepted payment for, flights which it had already cancelled; and falsely represented to consumers who held tickets for cancelled flights that their flights had not been cancelled. The ACCC’s case does not allege that the cancellation of the flights was in breach of the consumer... More
    Closes 31 March 2024
  • Supermarkets inquiry consumer survey

    The ACCC is examining the pricing practices of the supermarkets and the relationship between wholesale, including farmgate and retail prices. We want to hear from you about how you choose where to buy your groceries, and which products you buy. We also want to hear about any particular concerns that have arisen for consumers in relation to supermarkets. The survey takes approximately 10–15 minutes to complete. This survey is anonymous. Your response will be grouped together... More
    Closes 2 April 2024
  • Supermarkets inquiry issues paper

    The ACCC is conducting an inquiry into pricing and competition in Australia's supermarket sector. We will examine competitive dynamics in the retail supply of groceries and in associated supply chains. We will also have particular regard to how prices are set at different levels of the supply chain, and the associated margins. We are inviting submissions in response to our issues paper . You can make a submission via the link at the bottom of this page. More
    Closes 2 April 2024
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