Lifemark Village Pty Ltd CTM

Closed 26 Sep 2014

Opened 4 Sep 2014

Results updated 27 Mar 2015

The ACCC received three submissions in response to Lifemark's CTM application.

Lifemark responded to these submissions and ACCC queries in February 2015.



The ACCC is considering an application to register a Certification Trade Mark (CTM) number 1605921 from Lifemark Village Pty Ltd (Lifemark).


Lifemark’s CTM application is intended to allow retirement Villages and Village owners and/or operators to display the mark if they can demonstrate to an independent third party that they fulfil minimum operational and service requirements and are committed to continuous improvement.

ACCC role

Under Part 16 of the Trade Marks Act 1995 (TMA), before a CTM can be registered by IP Australia the ACCC must be satisfied that certain criteria are met. In general terms, the ACCC must be satisfied that the CTM application and corresponding rules meet the technical requirements set by the TMA and do not raise consumer protection, competition or associated concerns.

The ACCC has suspended its consideration of the application until such time that the Applicant provides a finalised version of the CTM Rules

Publication: Certification trade marks: the role of the ACCC


  • All business
  • Aged care industry


  • Consumer issues