Survey for small business sellers - General online retail marketplaces

Closes 19 Aug 2021

Use of general online retail marketplaces

In this section we’ll ask you about which marketplaces you use.

Which marketplaces do you use to sell products?

Select all that you use.  If you selected 'other', please provide the names of these other marketplaces in the text box provided.

If you sell products on more than one marketplace, why? If you use on only one marketplace, why is that the one you use?
If you sell on more than one marketplace, how frequently do you make a product available on more than one marketplace?
Do you consider any general online retail marketplace a ‘must have’, which you are required to use in order to reach consumers to sell your goods?

If you answered ‘Yes’, please describe which general online retail marketplaces are considered a ‘must have’ and the reasons why.