Product Safety and Recalls websites survey

Closed 21 Apr 2015

Opened 23 Mar 2015


The and websites provide Australian consumers and businesses with information about product safety matters. The Recalls website updates daily with information on recalled products across Australia. The Product Safety website contains information for businesses and consumers on product safety matters, regulations and news alerts.

The ACCC has developed and administers the Product Safety website on behalf of all Australian consumer product safety regulators. The website is designed as a one-stop shop to give consumers, businesses and other interested parties a single entry point to information that helps to minimise risks associated with unsafe products. It includes links to other agencies responsible for the safety of specific products, such as gas and electrical appliances, food or therapeutic goods.

The ACCC is in the process of updating and improving both websites. To provide an enhanced user experience, the existing Product Safety and Recalls websites will be merged into one website. This will help leverage the idea of a ‘one-stop shop’ for consumers and businesses, and provide opportunities for greater linkages between product safety and recalls advice.

Please provide your opinions below to help inform this activity.

The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

What happens next

The ACCC thanks those who provided their feedback about the Product Safety and Recalls website. The survey is now closed.

Your feedback will be used to identify any features of the website that can be improved.


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