Households wanted to help test broadband speeds

Closed 18 Jul 2018

Opened 19 Jun 2017


The ACCC is testing broadband speeds across Australia. Our Measuring Broadband Australia program will measure the typical speeds and performance of people’s home internet connections. We're looking for 2000 households to test in the first year.

We are working with SamKnows, our independent testing provider, to test a range of popular retail service providers on different broadband technologies and speed plans.

Selected volunteers will be provided with a small SamKnows 'Whitebox' device to plug in at home (similar to a modem). The Whitebox will conduct tests using your internet connection between the Whitebox and the monitoring equipment. The Whitebox won't monitor or record any personal information or browsing history.

Apply to be a volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in our program and haven't already signed up, please visit the portal at:

Please note: if you have previously submitted an expression of interest form, you do not need to re-register on the portal.


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