Survey for consumers - General online retail marketplaces

Closes 19 Aug 2021

General online retail marketplaces you use

In this section we’ll ask you about which marketplaces you use.

Which general online retail marketplaces do you use to buy things?

Select all that you use. If you select 'other', please provide the names of these other marketplaces in the text box provided.

If you use more than one marketplace, why? If you only use one, why is that the one you use?
If you use more than one marketplace, how frequently do you search for the same product on more than one marketplace before buying it?

We're interested in whether you search for a product on more than one marketplace before buying it. Remember, we're asking about marketplaces that let third party sellers directly sell their goods to Australians. Comparison websites or referral shopping services (such as Google Shopping) are not included.

How frequently do you buy products directly from the seller rather than on the marketplace?

Sometimes, you can buy a product on a marketplace and directly from a seller, such as on the seller’s website. We're interested in what makes you decide whether to buy from the marketplace or the seller, when the product is available on both.

What do you consider when deciding whether to buy something directly from a seller or on a general online retail marketplace?