Certified Free Range Pasture Finished Cattle CTM – Ceres Agricultural Company

Closed 22 Jul 2016

Opened 4 Jul 2016

Results updated 29 Aug 2016

Submissions for the initial assessment closed on Friday 22 July 2016. The ACCC is currently reviewing the submissions.



The ACCC is considering an application from the Ceres Agricultural Company Pty Ltd (Ceres) to register a Free Range Pasture Finished certification trade mark (the CTM). 


Ceres intends that the Free Range Pasture Finished CTM will provide a certification to verify how cattle that are intended for slaughter for food supply have been raised in relation to:

  • the health, welfare and management of animals
  • their access to pasture
  • the impact of production on the environment
  • the safety and quality of the meat produced.

Under Part 16 of the Trade Marks Act 1995 (TMA), before a CTM can be registered by IP Australia the ACCC must be satisfied that certain criteria are met. In general terms, the ACCC must be satisfied that the CTM application and corresponding rules meet the technical requirements set by the TMA and do not raise consumer protection, competition or associated concerns.

See: Certification trade marks: the role of the ACCC

The ACCC has sought further information from Ceres to assist its consideration of the proposed certification trade mark.


  • Consumer groups
  • Government


  • Consumer issues
  • Competition issues